• supporting creativity in the classroom and beyond •

• supporting creativity in the classroom and beyond •

Thursday, July 22, 2010

what if?

What if I just put out a bunch of art materials and don't do a lesson? What if I ask students to think about other art they've done? What if I tell them to do something similar to something they've already done, but to change it somehow or, if they want, to just explore?

One student might draw herself in a garden, surrounded by a rainbow, under a rainy-sunny-starry sky:

Another student might explore lines with watercolor and crayon:

Somebody might do a bird collage:

Somebody else might do a three-dimensional line collage:

Somebody might do a shape rubbing:

Somebody else might draw or trace a series of rectangles and fill them with colorful patterns:

And somebody else might make a collage of the sun:

1 comment:

Ash said...

Agreed. The best creativity is discovered from no plans or predetermined ideas of what must take shape. Great idea, thanks.